Amar’s Pensieve® is a training facility that is secure,

Trainer-friendly and Activity-focused.

Amar's Pensieve

Mothkupally, Hyderabad, Telangana

‘Pen-sieve’ is a magical vessel, referred to by J. K. Rowling in her ‘Harry Potter’ books. Thoughts can be placed in the ‘pen-sieve’ for looking at them dispassionately and taking decisions. The training centre: Amar’s Pensieve, through its activity based emphasis seeks to be the pen-sieve for its visitors.

Amar's Pensieve Logo

Our Logo

Our logo depicts green grass (positive feelings) and a sunflower (energizing thoughts and action). In short, Amar’s Pensieve is an eco-system which nurtures the evolution of meaningful thought and action.

Our Training Spaces

The training area consists of four buildings, grouped around a tennis court sized lawn, providing a setting that is at once self-sufficient and convenient, for out-door, open-air and in-door training.

Amar’s Pensieve has a well equipped in-door training facility with LCD projector/screen, white-boards with markers, flip-chart board with markers, moveable chairs and tables for cluster seating in various formats, for up to 60 people. Up to 80 people can be accommodated in theatre style seating.

Open-air facilities include semi-open spaces (floor and ceiling only, no walls). These are ideal for open-air classroom or for break-out activities.

Out-door facilities include a 3, 300 square foot lawn, an obstacle course (with space for setting up more temporary obstacles of trainer’s choice) and open-ground for out-bound activity for up to 150 people or more.

There is a space for every activity (structured experiences, role-plays, case-discussions, exercises, simulations, games, out-bound activities …) that a trainer may want to facilitate.

There is space for any special equipment that a trainer may want to bring in and set up.

 We believe that a training facility that provides suitable spaces enhances a trainer’s ability to deliver results and participants’ propensity to learn.

An ideal place for learning, training, experiential education, coaching ... for:

All Corporates: Startups; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; Large Organizations
Educational Institutions: High Schools, Colleges
Others: Associations, NGOs ....