Results from abstract concepts – need for an activity friendly facility

In order to deliver results, business has increasingly have resorted to abstract concepts that are difficult to communicate, emulate and practice, viz. managerial effectiveness, team work, leadership evolution, strategy implementation, competitiveness, culture … which are difficult to touch, feel or see but whose efficacy is easily perceived.

Being useful, these abstract concepts need to be learnt and taught – by managers, professionals and organizations – nice to have, difficult to do.

Learning or training how to be a manager, team builder/player or leader is best learnt through activity rather than through reading a book/article or hearing a speech.

Activity-based learning or training engages all the senses and focuses attention on engaging resources available to deliver desired results, in the presence of a facilitator.

Activities selected for learning or training to apply these abstract concepts, could be games, simulations, mundane jobs – but in the presence of a facilitator, the learning resulting from engaging in the activity, is taken back to work, to manage, team or lead better, than through reading or hearing a lesson.

For activity-based learning or training to be successful: (1) trainers need specifically arranged chairs and tables, whose arrangement can be re-arranged at will, during the training sessions. (2) Also, special equipment needs to be occasionally set-up and this requires the training facility to have open space(s) to accommodate this requirement. (3) Sometimes, the trainers need to have longer or shorter sessions, as per the activity’s requirement.

A regular learning or training facility within an organization or a banquet hall in a hotel or a conference room in a resort (due to multiple purposes for which they are used) do not afford the flexibility that an activity-friendly learning/training facility does, with reference to organizing of seating, equipment and time for activities.

An: in-door facility with movable chairs and tables; open-to-air facility for better light,
air and movement; out-door facility for activities that require greater space, are all desirable to have for an activity based training program. An obstacle course which can be used in multiple ways, would be an icing on the cake.