Available as a learning/ training venue

Learning-development-training-coaching-evolution activities and interventions, for competency development and organizational transformation are all possible, here.

No distractions for trainees/participants – trainer facilitated activities therefore get the full participant attention, they deserve.

Plenty of spaces (in-door and out-door) that a trainer can thoughtfully choose from, as a setting for different aspects of a training program, thereby enhancing outcomes.

Breaks for lunch, tea/snacks can be decided by trainer to fit training content (and not the other way round), by prior request.

Well maintained rest-rooms, for all, have been provided for.

Privacy and confidentiality are maintained.

Administrative and training support is available, should it be requisitioned in advance.

The training facility may be hired on a day or overnight (tent stay) basis by prior agreement.


“Take advantage of the spaces available at Amar’s Pensieve for EVOLVING THOUGHT and ACTION, thereby enhancing your learning-training outcomes.”

Who Can Use

Amar’s Pensieve ® is a dedicated training facility that is available for Learning & Development activity, Training, and Business Coaching. Trainers, Learning and Development Divisions and Organizations will find this venue highly suitable and useful.

Facilitation Services

Organization Development Consulting

  • Human Process Interventions
  • Strategic Interventions
  • Design Interventions

Facilitative Training (Structured Experiences, Experiential Education, Outbound)
  • Leadership Evolution
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Team Building
  • Individual Development

Coaching-Mentoring Services

  • Business Evolution
  • Effectiveness
  • Life Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career Change
  • Professionalization of Business

The Location

30 Kms (35-40 min) from Gachibowli Circle Or Langar Houz, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.